Kicking spoons

A child is walking though the bus station with his mother kicking what appears to be a plastic spoon discarded by, with the essence of probability behind it, an uncaring fool unable to see the bins provided. He kicks it as if he is playing football expelling “char” sounds and punching both of his arms into the air as he makes contact with the discarded item. A tall guy in red skinny jeans, watches as the child and his spoon approach. The spoon, when kicked with the 5 year-olds force slides across the floor; decelerating it manages to position itself between what appears to be bow legs belonging to the guy in the Red jeans. He looks in my direction with his eyebrows and lips pursed looking quite confused though also having a slight scowl to his expression. I find this face humorous in this ‘pose’ and open my mouth to make a silent laugh. He smiles to me and raises his bottom lip as if to ask whether he should kick the spoon in the path of the child in order for it to proceed with its ‘game’. The child begins to run toward the rubbish moving his arms exaggeratedly mouthing “char-char” as he moves. His mother, carrying shopping bags and his school bag shouts for him to leave the spoon alone. She is loud and brash causing me to sit straight in my seat as she calls to him. The boy stops and waits for her to pass him; he then kicks the spoon from between the guy’s legs and continues to kick it behind his parent’s back. Most people at the stop look to each other raising their eyebrows, I look to the skinny jean wearer and smile, he says “Crafty get” and I nod. We part eye contact and wait for the bus to come.

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