Contagious Panic

It's a hot day and there are a lot of people travelling to the city centre, probably to window-shop or to eat their lunches at the high-rise park. Sat at the back of the bus I have my music and book to keep me company whilst waiting for my journey to end. The bus is popular and there are many people standing. We come to a favoured stop where the majority of people vacate; there is a lot of noise as people leave. Delaying for a few moments we are stationary, I do not mind as I have my music and the book to entertain me. A girl, no more than 15 wearing fly eye-like sunglasses looks panicked; frantically looking out of the windows and checking to see what the remaining few passengers seem to be doing. The vehicle appears to be stationed for a purpose other than that traffic is busy and so the girl, still panicking decides to depart. Two boys in shorts are adjacent to me and look at each other in fear that this is the last stop and that the bus has stalled awaiting the final passengers to leave. After seconds of deliberation the boys run from the bus onto the street thinking that they have made the correct choice. A man and I on the same row turn to each other and smile in the knowledge that we know, the bus will carry on.

The Brave Child

I'm on a bus which is half full, the sun is shining and a family with buggy stroll past the bus stop we're stationed at. A small blonde haired boy runs ahead of his father and trips on the pavement. He is no taller than 2ft but falls at a fast pace hitting his chin on the floor. Watching, I bare my bottom teeth and suck the air in creating a sound signifying pain. The boy picks himself up unharmed and his father checks to make sure he is alright. I turn to the woman sitting opposite me; we both have the same expression: smiled eyes with a hint of embarrassment behind the mouth. The father turns to the bus and notices our expressions. He gives a manly laugh that translates into "that's my boy"; then pulls away.