Walking Together

Using one of the new self-service machines I pay for a drink and a sandwich, rustling through my wallet for my temporary club card I notice a guy using the machine next to me is buying the same sandwich, his T-shirt is blue with a white dragon that I’m sure I’ve noticed in a shop before; staring at his T-shirt he notices me and smiles. I leave the shop and head towards work. I eat as I walk and notice that he is parallel to me, I turn to his direction and we smile using only our brow to acknowledge that we are walking ‘together’. I turn left at the station as does he; we smile again but this time though with the brow the bottom lip is raised adding a hint of awkward emotion to the smile. Continuing we have been together at the same pace for approximately three whole minutes; we turn to each other once more but make no expression. Finally the road splits and I take the right path toward my destination, walking a few paces I turn to his direction, he looks to mine – our connection ends.

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  1. This ones like a mini love story. i love it