Making Your Mind Up

At a popular fast-food ‘restaurant’ that may give you cancer a guy in jeans and what looks like a blue ‘All day I dream about sex’ two-stripe jacket cuts in front of me at the counter, he starts his order before I notice so I let it go. He orders two hamburgers, one with salad “and shit” and just tomato sauce. The cashier is confused. The two-stripe changes his mind and asks for salad on both. The cashier looks to the man standing next to me and smiles. The guy reorders a cheeseburger with salad and a hamburger with tomato sauce but suddenly changes his mind and asks for cheese with salad. The cashier raises her brow in confusion and smiles forcing back her laughter. I look to the man next to me who’s cheeks are filled with air; my smile is wide and stomach pulsating. The cashier repeats the order for two cheese burgers with salad and tomato sauce, the two-stripe wearer confirms and reaches into his pocket for change. Noticing he is short he apologises and leaves. The cashier, man and I look at each other with wide eyes and mouths open, nobody moves until another cashier hails “next please”.

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